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Get Your Ex Back

He Doesn’t Text You Back – What Should You Do?

How many times should you text a guy who doesn’t text you back? What are your options when your text goes unanswered? How long should you wait before texting him again?

Modern technology has made connecting pretty easy, but it has also brought about a whole new generation of etiquette questions. If texting is so practical and easy, why is your date not returning your text, and what guidelines should you follow as you try to reach him?

Well, use the same common sense you would with a phone call. How many messages would you leave on a guy’s answering machine? One, maybe two, but then you have to accept that the ball is in his court. Unless you truly have something pertinent to say, one text is enough. Some guys may even invite you to send as many texts as you’d like; he’d love to hear from you. But even with that invitation you should maintain a bit of control and be reasonable. Don’t send a text every other minute to say something frivolous or silly.

As hard as it may be to sit back and wait, there really is no other reasonable option. Though you may be dying with anticipation and checking your texts every two seconds, or verifying if your phone is functioning properly, you should resist sending him another text.

text him backOf course your time will be filled with doubts and questions. Did he receive it? Did you send it to the right number? What if there was a glitch and your text didn’t make it? True, these things do happen, but there are also too many other possibilities. Like he has a life and, for whatever reason, is unable to respond at the moment.

You don’t want to start off the relationship by being a nag. If, when he does get to his phone and he goes through a series of “Where are you?”, “What are you doing?”, “Where are you?”, chances are his reaction will not be favorable. You’ll wear the guy out and look not only desperate, but maybe a bit obsessed.

So what do you do when you finally hear that magical beep? Frantically reach for your phone? Send your thumbs on a marathon of a reply? Breathe. Take it easy. Do the texts concern plans for a date? Has this already been established and you need to respond quickly? If not, what’s the rush? You don’t have to send back an instant message.

If the exchange of texts is a simple “how ya doing?” type of thing, there’s no need to reply within the following minutes. Hold off and give him a chance to anxiously await your reply. The ball is now in your court and you are in control. Savor it.

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